About Us

“Anybody can learn computer science, but nobody can deliver support and resources like BootUp. We’re personally invested.”

Jared O’Leary, PhD, Director of Education & Research

Learning to code helps students develop into logical thinkers, problem solvers, creators, and collaborators. Teaching computer science to all elementary students helps ensure that these students, especially girls and underrepresented minorities, will participate and succeed in a much-needed, 21st century skill set.

Through long-term professional development, coaching, and mentoring, BootUp equips teachers with the experience and resources to be successful, confident coding teachers. Our professional development facilitators teach computer science and computational thinking concepts and foster equitable access for all students.

At the primary level, students learn the ABCs of coding using block-based programming languages. Students learn computer coding concepts and practices (based on the K12 CS Framework and CSTA Standards). Students can then progress from puzzles to projects with our interest-driven and project-based curriculum.

Students learn coding using BootUp PD Curriculum from Teachers

Our Mission

“BootUp trains teachers to implement elementary coding initiatives that empower all students and create equitable access to 21st-century skills.”

How Can Your Students Learn Coding?

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