Now, Coding is Elementary.

Every Child Should Learn to Code – and Your District Can Teach Them!

Coding should be elementary – everywhere. But today, many schools across the nation are not teaching their students an essential, creative, and collaborative literacy – the ability to code. Worse, even as the popularity of coding grows, the equity gap is growing even faster.

BootUp empowers all elementary students by immersing them in practical and imaginative curricula that extends beyond coding. Our professional development initiatives give students access to important 21st-century skills – particularly girls and underrepresented minority students. With BootUp Professional Development, now, coding is elementary.

We Train Teachers to Empower All Students.

Through long-term professional development, BootUp trains teachers to empower their students as they become creators, collaborators, communicators, logical thinkers, and real-world problem-solvers.

Our professional development facilitators prepare teachers to become confident and effective mentors by teaching computer science and computational thinking concepts, sharing pedagogical content knowledge, and supporting professional learning communities.

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We Partner with School Districts.

No two districts are exactly alike. BootUp partners with school districts to create customized coding initiatives that meet each district’s unique needs. Our long-term programs provide expert guidance and consulting to build a complete elementary coding program for all of the kids at your schools.

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BootUp's Curriculum Is Designed For Everyone!

BootUp’s interest-driven curriculum is designed for both novice and experienced elementary teachers and encourages creativity through project-based coding lesson plans that are personally meaningful to each student.

Every project includes a variety of teacher resources embedded throughout the lesson. Our approach encourages depth of understanding through practical application of coding across many projects and provides research-based suggestions for facilitating creative computer science classes.

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How Can Your Students Learn Coding?

For more information on teaching computer science to your elementary students or to visit a program in action, contact us today!

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