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Kelly Powers

Kelly is a life-long Computer Science enthusiast. She has 20 years of experience teaching Computer Science and 14 years working in industry. As a dedicated advocate to the “CS for All” movement, Kelly has had the opportunity to serve on many projects to advance Computer Science teaching and learning giving both equity and access to schools in the country. She has been recognized for her work in the field by receiving the Massachusetts Stem teacher of the Year award and by the Mass Technology Leadership Council for leadership in CS.

While in New York, she serves as a Cornell Tech Teacher in Residence working to make Computer Science teachable in schools across the city. She has had the opportunity to present at CSTA, To Code and Beyond and lead CT professional development for teachers in Texas, New York City and in upstate New York.

While at MassCAN and EDC, Kelly was very proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers and leaders across the state to launch the CS and DLCS Massachusetts standards project. The outcome of the collaboration resulted in new DLCS and CS standards in Massachusetts and ultimately lead to stronger collaboration efforts to improve CS education, funding, and then later to a Massachusetts DOE teacher DLCS/CS certification.

Kelly continues to work with national leaders to review research, policy, and actively contribute to informing implementation strategies for CT and CS integration for all. She serves on national panels to advise what students and teachers should be able to know and do to bring a program of rigor and joy to all schools.

In her spare time, Kelly (who is one of 11 children) with her husband and two children, enjoys hosting parties at her home and participating in simple backyard fun!

Our Team

Our team is committed to expanding equitable access to computer science and coding. We are former public educators, creatives, and lifelong learners who are deeply engaged and passionate about what we do.

Savita Raj

Chief Executive Officer

Get to know Savita
Lien Diaz

Lien Diaz

Interim Executive Director, Board Vice Chair and Director of Educational Innovation and Leadership, Constellations Center for Equity in Computing at Georgia Tech

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Abby Funabiki, MPA

Associate Executive Director

Get to Know Abby
kambria-min kami

Kambria "Kami" Harris

Social Media Strategist/Content Creator

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Suzanne B. Carlson, M. Ed.

District Coding Accelerator

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Brenda Bass

PD Manager

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Carlos Leon

Carlos Leon

Programs Manager

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McKay Perkins, MS

Senior PD Facilitator

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Laurie Green

Senior PD Facilitator

Get to Know Laurie

Heather Cunningham, EdD

Senior PD Facilitator

Get to Know Heather
Melody Hagaman

Melody Hagaman

Senior PD Facilitator

Get to know Melody

Ashley Waring

Senior PD Facilitator

Get to Know Ashley

Becky Hansen

PD Facilitator

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Tenisha Harrington

PD Facilitator

Get to Know Tenisha

Allison Knight

PD Facilitator

Get to Know Allison
Natalie Varkey

Natalie Varkey

PD Facilitator

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Kelly Powers

PD Facilitator

Get to Know Kelly

Michael Hanahan

Marketing Consultant

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Emilie Martinez

Emilie Martinez

Web Developer

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Stacie Mason, PhD

Research and Evaluation

Get to Know Stacie
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