Emilie Martinez

Emilie Martinez

Emilie loves to build things – everything from websites to gardens to kitchen tables. Being one of only four women in her technical program during school, she fell in love with BootUp's mission from the get-go. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a Masters of Information Systems, she joined BootUp to build and manage the website and implement best web marketing practices.

Emilie has worked for large and small tech firms, but loves being able to impact the world in such a positive way. She is jealous of all the kids who have the opportunity to find coding from such an early age. Having introduced her nieces and nephews to the BootUp PD curriculum, they chat about all the cool things they've built with code! She is proud of the organization's work and the way it's impacting the future.

Outside of work, Emilie hangs out with her husband Jesse, son Alan, and two dogs – Max and Scout. They love to travel the world and curl up with a cup of hot chocolate to a good movie. Recently, she's gotten out the sewing machine to keep busy while we're all at home.

Our Team

Our team is committed to expanding equitable access to computer science and coding. We are former public educators, creatives, and lifelong learners who are deeply engaged and passionate about what we do.

Savita Raj

Chief Executive Officer

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Abby Funabiki, MPA

Associate Executive Director

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Suzanne B. Carlson, M. Ed.

District Coding Accelerator

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Brenda Bass

PD Manager

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McKay Perkins, MS

Senior PD Facilitator

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Heather Cunningham, EdD

Senior PD Facilitator

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Melody Hagaman

Melody Hagaman

Senior PD Facilitator

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Ashley Waring

Senior PD Facilitator

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Becky Hansen

PD Facilitator

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Tenisha Harrington

PD Facilitator

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Allison Knight

PD Facilitator

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Natalie Varkey

Natalie Varkey

PD Facilitator

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Emilie Martinez

Emilie Martinez

Web Developer

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Stacie Mason, PhD

Research and Evaluation

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