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CSK8 - 117

STEM DIversity and Inclusion Efforts For Women of Color

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpacks Scott and Elliott’s (2020) publication titled “STEM diversity and inclusion efforts for women of color: A critique of the new labor system,” which uses the metaphor of sharecropping to problematize the new labor system around STEM education and careers.

csk8 - 116 Open Design for Learning with Aria Chernik

Open Design for Learning with Aria Chernik

In this interview with Aria Chernik, we discuss student-centered engagement situated within authentic contexts, problems with focusing entirely on capitalistic purposes of education, using critical pedagogies to problematize power dynamics in the classroom, using an open design for learning, the phenomenology of collaboration, creating a space that encourages taking risks in education, and much more.

115 Trans Voices Speak

Trans Voices Speak

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpacks Cayari et al.’s (2021) publication titled “Trans voices speak: Suggestions from trans educators about working with trans students,” which provides five suggestions from Trans educations on working with Trans students.

csk8 - fester - 114

James Fester on What Works with PBL

In this interview with James Fester, we discuss using informal learning approaches within formal learning spaces, what makes a learning experience engaging, how James’ experience in the National Parks Service’s Teacher Ranger Teacher program informed how he taught in the classroom, unpacking nuances of project-based learning, debunking common misconceptions of PBL, and so much more.

csk8 - 113 - Broadening Gender in Computing for Transgender and Nonbinary Learners

Broadening Gender in Computing for Transgender and Nonbinary Learners

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpacks Menier, Zarch, and Sexton’s (2021) publication titled “Broadening gender in computing for transgender and nonbinary learners,” which is a position paper problematizes the current lack of trans and nonbinary individuals in discourse around gender in CS education.

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