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#CSK8 Podcast

#CSK8 Podcast

Beyond Small Groups: New Opportunities for Research in Computer-Supported Collective Learning

In this episode, Jared O'Leary unpacks Kafai and Peppler’s (2011) article titled “Beyond small groups: New opportunities for research in computer-supported collective learning,” which is an analysis of participation within the Scratch community that compares and contrasts collaborative learning (i.e., learning within small groups) with collective learning (i.e., learning within massive groups).

#CSK8 Podcast

Integration through Data Analysis and Implications of CS as a Skill with Anne Gunn

In this interview with Anne Gunn, we discuss Anne’s background as both a CS professional and educator, thoughts on data analysis for classroom integration (e.g., sonification), implications of understanding CS as a skill rather than a topic, our experience helping develop the Wyoming Computer Science Standards, and other topics relevant to #CSK8 educators.

#CSK8 Podcast

Computational Sophistication of Games Programmed by Children: A Model For its Measurement

In this episode I unpack Werner, Denner, Campe, and Torres’ (2020) article titled “Computational sophistication of games programmed by children: A model for its measurement,” which unpacks how the authors updated the game computational sophistical (GCS) model to account for computational learning evident within 39 games development by pairs of middle school children.

#CSK8 Podcast

Advice for Novice and Expert CS Educators with Jackie Corricelli

In this interview with Jackie Corricelli, we discuss advice for novice and veteran CS educators, the potential for collaboration between industry and educators, designing for more inclusive CS education, volunteering for CS education organizations, and much more.

#CSK8 Podcast
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