#CSK8 Podcast

#CSK8 Podcast

Learning through Game Modding

In this episode, Jared O'Leary unpacks El-Nasr and Smith’s (2006) publication titled “Learning through game modding,” which describes two case studies on modifying video games to learn software development and design, as well as programming, artistic, and video game concepts.

#CSK8 Podcast

Fostering Student Engagement with Bob Irving

In this interview with Bob Irving, we discuss our emphasis on creative coding/computing for leisure, fostering engagement with coding/CS, improving pedagogy over time, and much more.

#CSK8 Podcast

How to Learn and How to Teach Computational Thinking: Suggestions Based On a Review of the Literature

In this episode, Jared O'Leary unpacks Hsu, Chang, and Hung’s (2018) publication titled “How to learn and how to teach computational thinking: Suggestions based on a review of the literature,” which is a content analysis of 120 publications written between 2006 and 2017 that reveals that CT means many things and that people are implementing it through a variety of means.

#CSK8 Podcast

Transfer, Collaboration, Impact, Facilitation, and Much More with Sandra Ahlstrom

In this interview with Sandra Ahlstrom, we discuss transfer of understanding across programming languages, collaborating around computing, the impact we want to have as educators, and several more topics relevant to CSK8 educators.

#CSK8 Podcast

Computational Thinking and Programming Challenges with Eljakim Schrijvers

In this interview with Eljakim Schrijvers, we discuss computational thinking and programming challenges through Bebras and the International Olympiad in Informatics.

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