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csk8 mar8 intersection of gender, race, and cultural boundaries

The Intersection of Gender, Race and Cultural Boundaries

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpacks Mellström’s (2009) publication titled “The intersection of gender, race and cultural boundaries, or why is computer science in Malaysia dominated by women?,” which “points to a western bias of gender and technology studies, and argues for cross-cultural work and intersectional understandings including race, class, age and sexuality” (p. 885).

CSK8 Amy Ko

Vulnerability, Reflection, and CS Education with Amy Ko

In this interview with Amy Ko, we discuss the importance of mentorship in education, learning what not to do with teaching, the positive results of being vulnerable, understanding and exploring the limitations and consequences of CS, problematizing grades in education, practicing teaching through mental simulations, the importance of engaging in the CS community, and much more.

csk8 - performative acts on gender

Performative Acts and Gender Constitution

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpacks Butler’s (1988) seminal publication titled “Performative acts and gender constitution: An essay in phenomenology and feminist theory,” which unpacks the notion that gender is a performative act that is socially and historically constructed.

CSK8 Roger Mantie

Considering Leisure in Education with Roger Mantie

In this interview with Roger Mantie, we discuss the importance of leisure for self preservation, problematize the single focus of education for workforce readiness, discuss the importance of focusing on happiness and wellbeing, explore discourse in education and around leisure, and much more.

CSK8 - gender bias

Eliminating Gender Bias in Computer Science Education Materials

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpacks Medel and Pournaghshband’s (2017) publication titled “Eliminating gender bias in computer science education materials,” which examines three examples of “how stereotypes about women can manifest themselves through class materials” (p. 411)

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