Wind River Student Art and Scratch Project Exhibition

Celebrating Our Heritage

Sponsored by the Wind River Computer Science Elementary Collaborative and its Partners

*Art by K. Mann

Key Dates

• March 31, 2022 – Teachers begin preregistering for exhibition.
• May 20, 2022 – Student art and Scratch project submission deadline.
• Mid June 2022 – All submissions are available for community viewing online.

About the Art and Scratch Project Exhibition

  • The Wind River Computer Science Elementary Collaborative is developing computer science curriculum that is culturally relevant. Art submissions will be incorporated in this curriculum.
  • Students who have worked in Scratch can also submit Scratch projects they wish to share with their communities.
  • One goal of the exhibition is to inspire students across the Wind River Reservation to submit projects that explore the connection, history, and culture of the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone peoples.
  • A second goal of the exhibition is to inspire students to share their computer science learning with the Wind River community.
  • All student artists and programmers will receive a certificate and be credited for their submissions. They will also receive a small gift card.
  • Participating teachers will receive an honorarium up to $200.

Exhibition Requirements

Participating students can submit one or more of the following with a 1-2 sentence description:

  1. An artistic interpretation of one of the artifacts from the Wind River Virtual Museum.
  2. An artistic interpretation or photograph of original beadwork created by the student artist.
    • For example, beadwork with floral patterns or geometric designs.
  3. An artistic interpretation of a keepsake meaningful to the student artist.
    • For example, a treasured toy, a keepsake vehicle, favorite person, beloved animal, etc.
  4. A photograph or artistic interpretation of a person or sculpture wearing typical or traditional attire, provided that it is not sacred.
    • Consider a range of ages, genders, skin colors, body types, attire, (dis)abilities, etc.
  5. A Scratch project created by the student. Students may choose to use their own art or art from last year’s art contest as sprites in their projects, but this is not required.

Submit your information here to participate in the exhibition

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Teacher Submission

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Questions? Please reach out to WindRiverCS@air.org with any questions, comments, and concerns or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Wind River Computer Science Elementary Collaborative (managed by the American Institutes for Research and funded by the National Science Foundation, Award Number 1923375) is a community of teachers, administrators, professional development providers, and researchers created to bring culturally relevant computer science to elementary schools on the Wind River Reservation.

Wind River CS Collaborative

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