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Taking Equitable Coding to Mongolia!

BootUp PD and Codercub hosted a weeklong Young Coders Camp in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from the 5th of July until the 9th, where 27 students attended the camp–two-thirds ranging from six to eight. The camp was held at the Hub Innovation Center under the Capital City Business Innovation and Development Agency.

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Teachers as Curriculum Co-designers

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpacks Ni et al.’s (2022) publication titled “Teachers as curriculum co-designers: Supporting professional learning and curriculum implementation in a CSforAll RPP project,” which shares results of an RPP where teachers collaboratively designed an app development curriculum that they implemented in their classrooms.

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Open Way Learning with Ben Owens

In this interview with Ben Owens, we discuss Ben’s transition from working as an engineer to working in K-12 education, opensource as a metaphor for teaching and learning, various stakeholder reactions to opensource resources and learning, bridging the gap between out-of-school and in-school learning, iterating on teaching and learning, and so much more.

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Examining the Realities and Nuances of Interest-driven Learning

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpack Worsley’s (2022) publication titled “Examining the realities and nuances of ‘low-stakes’ interest-driven learning environments,” which discusses two case studies of students programming in low-stakes, interest-driven learning environments.

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Teaching Over One Million Students with CS50's Carter Zenke

In this interview with Carter Zenke, we discuss Carter’s pedagogical approach that centers playfulness, creativity, and purpose; lessons learned teaching CS50 to over one million students; balancing free exploration with learning content; designing opportunities for getting into CS; the benefits of watching recordings of your own teaching; helping educators find their “why”; and so much more.

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Other Resources

Integration Studios

Integration Studios

In addition to the integration suggestions in our lesson plans and our discussion forum, our Scratch account has several studios that demonstrate the potential for integrating projects with Scratch.

Scratch Studios
Complete List of Lesson Plans

Complete List of Lesson Plans

Use this document to quickly access all of our ScratchJr and Scratch lesson plans and coder resources.

View The List
Unplugged Resources

Unplugged Resources

This spreadsheet is a curated list of more than 100 unplugged lesson plans and resources for elementary coders.

Check Out The Unplugged Resources
Lesson Ideas and Resources

Lesson Ideas and Resources

Our Moodle Lesson Ideas and Resources is curated by fellow teachers and instructional coaches we've worked with.

Check out the Ideas and Resources
Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum

Join in on the conversation with colleagues and peers about all things computer science!

Join The Conversation
Remote Learning Resources

Remote Learning Resources

We’ve compiled some resources to help districts, teachers, and families cope with the rise of school closures around the nation.

Learn More

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