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#CSK8 Podcast

The CS Visions Framework and Equity-centered Computing Education with Rafi Santo and Sara Vogel

In this interview with Rafi Santo and Sara Vogel, we discuss informal learning in CS, the CS Visions Framework, equity through social justice pedagogy, considerations for Integration, and much more.

#CSK8 Podcast

CS for What? Diverse Visions of Computer Science Education in Practice

In this episode, Jared O'Leary unpacks Santo, Vogel, and Ching’s (2019) publication titled “CS for What? Diverse Visions of Computer Science Education in Practice,” which is a white paper that provides a useful framework for considering the underlying values and impact of CS programs or resources.

#CSK8 Podcast

Advice for School Administrators Interested in CSforALL with Clark Merkley

In this interview with Clark Merkley, we discuss what Clark has learned over the years working with administrators across the nation who are interested in implementing CS education in their district.

#CSK8 Podcast

Making Through the Lens of Culture and Power: Toward Transformative Visions for Educational Equity

In this episode, Jared O'Leary unpacks Vossoughi, Hooper, and Escudé’s (2016) publication titled “Making through the lens of culture and power: Toward transformative visions for educational equity,” which provides a critique of maker culture discourse in order to "reconceptualize the educational practice of making in ways that place equity at the center" (p. 215).

#CSK8 Podcast

A Conversation with Professional Programmer and Educator, Dave Briccetti

In this interview with Dave Briccetti, we discuss Dave’s background in programming and education, advice for learning a programming language, suggestions for encouraging kids to think ethically (e.g., how to respond to potentially plagiarized content), why Dave prefers professional programming tools in educational settings, and much more.

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Other Resources

Integration Studios

Integration Studios

In addition to the integration suggestions in our lesson plans and our discussion forum, our Scratch account has several studios that demonstrate the potential for integrating projects with Scratch.

Scratch Studios
Complete List of Lesson Plans

Complete List of Lesson Plans

Use this document to quickly access all of our ScratchJr and Scratch lesson plans and coder resources.

View The List
Unplugged Resources

Unplugged Resources

This spreadsheet is a curated list of more than 100 unplugged lesson plans and resources for elementary coders.

Check Out The Unplugged Resources
Remote Learning Resources

Remote Learning Resources

We’ve compiled some resources to help districts, teachers, and families cope with the rise of school closures around the nation.

Learn More

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