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BootUp prepares teachers and district instructional coaches to teach elementary computer science through long-term professional development, model teaching, and coaching.

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BootUp’s on-site professional development instills confidence in teachers and helps them nurture a growth mindset by engaging their students. Our facilitators prepare teachers by delivering a foundation of computer science and computational thinking concepts, providing curriculum, and sharing pedagogical content knowledge. Whether you’re a novice or specialist, the training you receive from BootUp provides customized instruction over time and everything you need to implement computer science for all students.

Our collaborative approach includes hands-on learning, model teaching, peer coaching, and PLC/CoP support. Each PD session, models and discusses lessons in Scratch and ScratchJr and uses the TPACK framework to introduce and model technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge within a group setting. These projects enable students to explore their interests with code through design, music, art, animation, games, or stories. Educators learn how to support their students as facilitators, not lecturers, and learn where to locate additional resources to help their students.

Professional Development Workshops Overview

Our professional development combines workshops (regional or district-wide) with in-person model teaching and coaching, delivered over multiple school years. We provide a total of eights workshops (6 hours each), or 48 hours of content. Our workshops and ongoing support allow teachers to begin teaching coding and computational thinking in the classroom after only their first workshop.

PD Workshops

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Share your ideas, thoughts, and questions with us, and other teachers, online.

Getting Started with Virtual PD

We understand the uncertainty of when and how schools will resume in-person learning. Although we have research that supports our assertion that teachers and students love our in-person sessions, we have modified these sessions to work in a virtual setting without compromising our ability to model and discuss the same CS concepts, practices, standards, and pedagogies. We can work with your district to get started virtually!

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