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Over 900,000 students impacted since 2016

We've been busy adding new partnerships with Amazon Future Engineer, renewing our commitment to closing gaps in CS Education, and fighting for equity and inclusion inside and outside the classroom.

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We work with large and small districts across the United States to implement equitable and inclusive elementary computer science programs.

Our work encompasses partnerships with Amazon Future Engineer and the National Science Foundation to expand our K-5 offerings to historically underserved and underrepresented communities in urban and rural locations.

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Why Computer Science Elementary is important


Disparities in STEM begin to appear as young as age six! Girls pick up on social stereotypes and become convinced certain activities are not suited for them. With PD programs like BootUp, elementary teachers become confident and effective coding leaders, providing students with interest-driven and culturally relevant content that shatter latent barriers.


Represents the percentage of latinas in computing, and another 2.5% of Bllack women in science or engineering in the US. STEM occupations are expected to experience rapid growth in the coming decade. However, a gender gap in STEM persists across the world.


The percentage of occupations projected to grow from 2020 to 2030 - faster than the average for all occupations! Tech has the potential to pull students and communitites out of cyclical poverty. Many of our students are consumers of technolgy, now is the time to make them into creators.

Want to Get Started With Elementary Code?

We're dedicated to empowering elementary teachers and students through computer science and creating equitable computer science programs for all students. Since 2015, we've worked with over 650 elementary schools in fifteen states, directly impacting over 240,000 students.

We provide in-person, virtual, or hybrid professional development, coaching, and resources that prepare teachers to facilitate coding projects in Scratch and ScratchJr. Students are inspired through creative and interactive lessons that allow them to explore their personal interests with code.

For more information on teaching computer science to your elementary students or to visit a program in action, contact us today!

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Why Teach Computer Science?

Computer science is more than just math and coding. Teaching students computer science from an early age, helps them build logical and analytical skills that they can apply in academics and beyond.

Studies show that students who learn coding from an early age perform better in critical thinking and the better the test scores are in reading, writing, math, and science.

Not only does it build confidence, but it allows students to embrace the beauty of their mistakes and quickly adjust to the challenges and build strong solutions around them. These skills will translate into opportunities for the future and have a lasting impact on the world.

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