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About BootUp Professional Development

We prepare and empower teachers and implement elementary coding and computer science programs nationwide in order to reach ALL students, creating equitable access to 21st-century skills. This mission statement provides an overall scope or purpose for doing what we do. Every school district we work with, every project we work on, or every person we collaborate with in some way helps us achieve our mission. If we achieve our mission, our vision of “[e]nsuring ALL elementary students learn to code by empowering teachers” will happen.

BootUp PD is a nonprofit and an IRS Section 501(c)(3) organization that has worked on elementary computer science implementations in over 50 school districts, supporting over 1,500 teachers and reaching over 150,000 elementary students around the country. In addition, our free coding curriculum and resources are being used on every continent except Antarctica! We will impact thousands of elementary teachers of coding and hundreds of thousands of elementary students in the coming years and by joining our team, you will be able to assist with expanding our impact and continuing to improve upon what we offer.

We are currently hiring for:

Business Development Manager

Professional Development Facilitator

BootUp’s Values


We strongly value and prioritize being honest and having strong principles for doing what we do. Integrity is consistently one of the first values we want to be known for as an organization and as individuals.


BootUp's successes over the years are a result of our ability to collaborate on a team with diverse backgrounds, expertise, opinions, perspectives and experiences.


We are constantly striving for innovative and creative solutions that assist with our overall mission and vision. This includes everything from our approach to professional learning to highly engaging interest-driven, project-based curricula.


Part of our success is because our approach is not only based on educational research, but from extensive feedback from a variety of sources. We actively seek out feedback that continues to refine what we do.

Flexible and Relevant

We believe that computer science education is not only growing at a rapid pace, but is iteratively changing over time. We try to stay flexible and relevant by keeping up-to-date on the latest research and practices in computer science education.

Inclusive and Welcoming Culture

All of us at BootUp genuinely enjoy not only the work that we do, but who we work with. We come from varied backgrounds and cultures that are shared and embraced among the team.

Engaging and fun!

Not only do we try and make the professional development and curriculum engaging and fun, but our work environment and collaborations, as well.

Simple and Iterative

We don't like to make things overly complicated. By keeping things simple, we are able to focus on fine-tuning our approach over time in order to continuously improve what we do. This iterative process is similar to the Japanese concept of "kaizen ( 改善)," which encourages team members to think through and share opportunities for improvement. If you can do something better with even fewer steps, you have captured the essence of this simple approach.

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