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What's For Girls, by Girls?

For Girls, By Girls aims to lift girls' and young women's voices to show them that CS and tech are accessible no matter who they are, where they come from, or what their passions are. We invite ALL girls to chat with Nyla and Tera to discuss the intersectionality of computer science with design, fashion, music, art, and how to use CS for Good.

nyla on the guitar nyla and tera swimming

Meet our co-hosts!



Hi, I'm Nyla. I was born in Columbia, Maryland, Howard county. I have many hobbies, like drawing anime and playing on the Nintendo Switch. One fun fact about me is that I can double joint some of my body parts. I am part Puerto Rican, Trinidadian, Irish, and Blackfoot Indian. This year I will be starting 9th grade as a freshman in September. When I'm older, I would love to be an Olympic swimmer. The book that I am currently reading is "The Other Wes Moore." My favorite type of food is Japanese cuisine. The places that I want to visit are Tokyo, Japan, and Kyoto, Japan. This is a short autobiography about me, but there is so much more to learn and discover!



Hi, my name is Tera Glispy. I was born in Howard County, Maryland. I'm part Puerto Rican, Trinidadian, Irish, and Blackfoot Indian! An interesting fact about me is that I started walking at 10 months old! Love the color teal or any light shades of blue. I'm currently reading Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince (do you know I'm team Gryffindor? Who are you?). I'm 11 years old, going into 6th grade starting a new school year in Pennsylvania. I also like to play Roblox with my friends. Some of my hobbies are swimming, drawing, baking/cooking, chess, Lego's and many more! I'm developing an interest in being a mechanical Engineer. This is Tera signing out
^^Stay Safe!!^^

Calling All Girls!

Have a coding story to share? Our two young co-hosts, Nyla and Tera, are calling all girls in STEM and beyond to join them for a Zoom chat to share stories and remarkable experiences together.

For more information contact karen@bootuppd.org.

In partnership with NCWIT

ncwit aspirations logo The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) is the farthest-reaching network of change leaders focused on advancing innovation by correcting underrepresentation in computing. NCWIT AiC changes what’s possible for women in technology from K-12 through career by offering the kind of encouragement that combats isolation, enables long-term persistence, opens doors, and changes lives. Find out more at www.aspirations.org.

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