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Board of Directors on Equity and Social Justice

July 8 2020 · By Board of Directors

We unconditionally condemn the current environment of systemic racism and related intolerance that contributes to fostering its very existence. Through our actions, we will help create a world where true and measurable equity is paramount. We will strive to empower those who can most positively, and brilliantly, effect change for centuries to come – our underserved and under-represented K-5 elementary students.

Recent events have exposed blatant inequities that exist throughout our culture and lay bare the grand idea that equality for all citizens remains elusive. We believe that one of the most effective paths to remedying these injustices begins with our children.

To those who are today’s pillars of change, we pledge support through both our actions and words, best summarized at the very core of our mission: “To level the equity playing field by empowering K-5 teachers in underserved and under-represented communities with life-changing coding and computer science curricula and skills.”

BootUp PD is committed to ensuring that students of color in underserved communities are not excluded from opportunities to obtain technology skills to master 21st century challenges. We believe this isn’t an option – or even a pipe dream – it’s a pathway to a lifetime of influential success, at a time when it’s needed most. A pathway that will significantly benefit society in America and around the world, regardless of race.

Emboldening our nation’s children at an early age with skills to change their own lives, especially in disadvantaged communities, makes true equity not only possible, but sustainable for years to come.

At BootUp, we will prioritize the following actions to create systemic change:

  • Implement and deliver high-quality professional development to teachers by prioritizing districts in underrepresented and underserved communities, and to provide accountability indicators to ensure equitable participation and success for students of color throughout our programs.
  • Create anti-racist, culturally responsive and inclusive computer science curricula for educators to engage students in a challenging and equity-minded framework
  • Continue to learn, listen, empathize, and grow to create a safe and forward-thinking environment for addressing social and racial injustice topics
  • Along with our partners, continue our vision of creating #CSforAll – regardless of a person’s socioeconomic status, race, gender, or any other discriminatory factor

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