Welcome to Scratch Family Code Night

1. Getting Started With Scratch

Click on the following image and follow the steps in the “Getting Started” tutorial.


2. Explore More Tutorials

After you complete Getting Started, try some other Tutorials.


3. Project Walkthroughs

Beginner Projects

Animate Your Name

Animate Your Name

In this introductory project, coders create their name using letter sprites and use code to animate each letter when clicked. The purpose of this project is to introduce coders to creating simple algorithms in Scratch.

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Jump Scare Slideshow

Jump Scare Slideshow

Coders learn how to create a jump scare slideshow as a fun prank. The purpose of this project is to introduce using control blocks to cycle through backdrops and eventually create a jump scare.

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Intermediate Projects

beatbox machine

Beatbox Machine

Coders create a project that allows them to make music with their faces when certain keys on a keyboard are pressed. The purpose of this project is to introduce triggering algorithms with specific keyboard events.

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no touching

No Touching!

Coders create an interactive painting that respond when different parts are clicked. The purpose of this project is to introduce duplicating and editing a sprite, as well as applying previously used blocks in a new context.

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Advanced Projects

street art
sprite catcher

Sprite Catcher

Coders combine their understandings from previous projects to create a sprite catcher game. The purpose of this project is to reinforce understandings of modularity in a new context.

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Open a project that looks fun, then click the “Remix” button to make your own copy that you can customize.


After Tonight

You can continue to learn how to code by clicking on the picture below and opening any of the “Coder Resources” links to learn how to create many more projects with Scratch: Click the image below and sign up for the Code@Home Family Pack to receive even more free games and resources from Family Code Night:
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