Professional Development for
Teachers and District Coaches

BootUp empowers all students through coding education, imagination, and equity.

BootUp trains teachers and district coaches to teach elementary computer science through long-term professional development, coaching, and mentoring. Our professional development facilitators work with districts to design customized plans for teachers and educators using research-based methodologies. BootUp delivers on-site professional development, an interest-driven curriculum, and resources for sustainable, large-scale support.

“The BootUp team has made an immeasurable impact on computer science learning in Yelm Community Schools. In every elementary school, students are learning to code beginning in kindergarten! BootUp’s passion and expertise in delivering high-quality professional development has significantly increased our teachers’ skills and will have far-reaching effects on our students’ lives.”

Lisa Cadero-Smith, Assistant Superintendent, Yelm Community Schools


BootUp partners with districts to create customized implementation plans that meet each district’s unique needs. Our initiatives result in meaningful improvements in student persistence, academic determination, and grit. Designed to be long-term, these programs offer expert guidance and Train-the-Trainer support to prepare your district to teach all students to code.

  • Long-term, on-site professional development
  • District consulting
  • Customized District Action Plan
  • Scaffolded project-based curricula
  • On-site coaching and mentoring
  • Ongoing PLC support and a Community of Practice
  • District Coach Development/Train-the-Trainer Intensive
BootUp Teachers learn with their School Districts
Kids using BootUp PDs coding curriculum and Scratch Jr


BootUp’s on-site professional development instills confidence in teachers and helps them nurture a growth mindset by engaging their students.

Professional development facilitators prepare teachers by delivering a foundation of computer science and computational thinking concepts, providing curriculum, and sharing pedagogical content knowledge. Whether you are a specialist or classroom teacher, the training you receive from BootUp provides customized instruction over time and everything you need to implement computer science for all students.

“Kingsport City Schools students love learning to code. BootUp has put a lot of thought and knowledge into designing a program for teachers to provide equitable, effective coding curriculum”

Jennifer Sturgill, M.Ed., Library Media Specialist

District Coaches

District coaches are uniquely positioned to champion new, district-wide coding programs. The District Coach Development program provides multi-year support to ensure each coach has the background, skills, and resources needed to prepare and support teachers as they teach computer science to all students.

  • Participate in all PD offerings
  • Work with PD facilitator to develop customized plan
  • Train-the-Trainer Intensive
  • Co-facilitate PD with PD facilitators
  • Continued consulting and virtual support
Kids using BootUp PDs coding curriculum and Scratch Jr with teachers
Kids using BootUp PDs coding curriculum with their teacher


No two districts are exactly alike. BootUp uses a combination of free open-source curricula and long-term professional development to customize and support implementation for your students. BootUp also offers our own free project-based curriculum and a curated collection of unplugged lessons to teach computational concepts and practices off the computer. To ensure the longevity of your ongoing initiative year after year, we continue to provide high-quality curriculum materials at no cost.

“Bootup gave me the confidence I needed to teach coding on the first day. This is my first year as a coding teacher so the videos and lesson plans are great resources to answer any questions. Students love the projects and enjoy having a chance to be creative while learning.”

James Leighton, Desert Thunder Elementary School, Avondale, AZ

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