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csk8 - sep26

Decolonizing Education through SEL and PBL with Matinga Ragatz

In this interview with Matinga Ragatz, we discuss Matinga’s journey into education, creating environments where kids can learn through struggle, the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL), how schools promote individualism and exceptionalism, the intersections of project-based learning and SEL, decolonizing education, the importance of shared values in education, and so much more.

csk8 - sep 19

What if Freire Had Facebook

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpacks Coppola’s (2021) publication titled “What if Freire had Facebook? A critical interrogation of social media woke culture among privileged voices in music education discourse,” which summarizes Paulo Freire’s works and hypothesizes how Freire may have responded to some forms of woke culture.

csk8 - sep 12

Burnout (Part 3)

Building off the previous episode on depression, suicide, and CS education, this episode is a supercut of guests responding to how they take care of themselves and stave off burnout.

csk8 - 151 - national suicide prevention week

Depression, Suicide, and Computer Science Education (Replay)

In honor of national suicide prevention week, in this week’s episode replay Jared O'Leary reads a paper he wrote on the topic of depression, suicide, and computer science education.

csk8 - 150

Fostering Intersectional Identities Through Rhizomatic Learning

In this episode, Jon Stapleton and Jared O'Leary read their 2022 publication titled “Fostering intersectional identities through rhizomatic learning,” which uses mapping as a metaphor for individualized learning.

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