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CSK8 - 101 - Culturally Responsive Debugging

Culturally Responsive Debugging

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpacks Lachney et al.’s (2021) publication titled “culturally responsive debugging: a method to support cultural experts’ early engagement with code,” which explores a strategy for situating debugging within professional expertise among participants within an introductory programming workshop for adults.

csk8 - 100 - burnout in education

Recommendations for Preventing Burnout in Education - part 2

Building off the previous episode on depression, suicide, and CS education, this episode is a supercut of guests responding to how they take care of themselves and stave off burnout.

csk8 - 99- Depression, Suicide, and Computer Science Education

Depression, Suicide, and Computer Science Education

CSK8 - 98 ReExamining Inequalities in CS

ReExamining Inequalities in CS

In this episode Jared O'Leary unpacks Kallia and Cutts’ (2021) publication titled “Re-examining inequalities in computer science participation from a Bourdieusian sociological perspective,” which uses Bourdieu’s discussions of capital, habitus, and field to analyze 147 publications on CS interventions.

CSK8 - 97 - Computing Educational Activities Involving People

Computing Educational Activities Involving People

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