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#CSK8 Podcast

#CSK8 Podcast

Promoting Equity and Activism in Computer Science Education with Kim Wilkens

In this interview with Kim Wilkens, we discuss embracing failure, encouraging activism and community impact through CS and technology, supporting marginalized gender identities in CS, and much more.

#CSK8 Podcast

Scratch Encore: The Design and Pilot of a Culturally relevant Intermediate Scratch Curriculum

In this episode I unpack Franklin et al.’s (2020) publication titled “Scratch Encore: The design and pilot of a culturally-relevant intermediate Scratch curriculum,” which introduces the Scratch Encore curriculum and provides a quick summary of positive feedback from the teachers who used the curriculum during a pilot year.

#CSK8 Podcast

Project-based Learning in Computer Science with Justin Cannady

In this interview with Justin Cannady, we discuss project-based learning in CS, encouraging debugging and working through failure as students and teachers, considerations for integrating CS, lessons learned working on NMSI’s CS AlignEd, and much more.

#CSK8 Podcast

Introducing Coding through Tabletop Board Games and Their Digital Instantiations across Elementary Classrooms and School Libraries

In this episode, Jared O'Leary unpacks Lee et al.'s (2020) experience report titled “Introducing coding through tabletop board games and their digital instantiations across elementary classrooms and school libraries," which investigates the transfer of understanding when students begin learning CS through a tabletop board game and switch to a digital coding environment.

#CSK8 Podcast

The CS Visions Framework and Equity-centered Computing Education with Rafi Santo and Sara Vogel

In this interview with Rafi Santo and Sara Vogel, we discuss informal learning in CS, the CS Visions Framework, equity through social justice pedagogy, considerations for Integration, and much more.

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