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      How could you integrate coding with music? What BootUp projects (platform and lesson number) integrate well with this subject area? What additional ideas, resources, projects, etc. might assist with this kind of integration?

      See this studio for some ideas.

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      Previous responses:

      • Here are some ScratchEd resources on music that might be useful.
      • Here are some free resources on my website that relate to music and coding.
      • I am actually teaching a blended music and coding class. There are lots of ways to integrate. Sheet music is similar to code in that they are both specific directions (sheet music for musicians and code for computers). Also, I’m going to have students code a sprite to dance to a specific song. There are lots of other integrations too but those are just a couple basic ones.
      • I used the coder resources for the animate your name project but gave my students the following instructions:

        1. Choose a musical term
        2. Decide how you will explain the term using Scratch
        3. Log in to Scratch
        4. Using Scratch explain the word. This can include the appearance of your word changing, the way it moves, etc. It can also include additional sprites you include and what those sprites do. Example: if you’re doing a dynamic include sprites whose sounds are typically at that dynamic.
        5. Once you have the finished demonstrating that you understand the word you chose, make your project interesting and pretty (add backgrounds, etc).
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