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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      How might we integrate this lesson with other subject areas? What kind of changes or additions could you create (please feel free to link resources below)?

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      Previous response:

      • Integrating with art – I just did fidget spinner from scratch jr and art is definitely integrated when using paintbox. Needing to center the image and decorate it is art.
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      Lisa BunkersLisa Bunkers

      Integrating with science-force and motion. Create simple machines-levers, pulleys, ramps,etc.

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      I feel this is a lesson that would go along with a Making Meaning book called Galimoto. The students would be able to create their own invention and have the moving parts working with it. This would be a good connection with this book and Scratch Jr.

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      Kathryn KennedyKathryn Kennedy

      This lesson would be good for learning directions for first grade. They can have separate fidget spinners go to the left and to the right. They could also partner share and work with others and communication skills.

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      Cayme OlsenCayme Olsen

      Interesting application for forces- inertia. Eventually the fidget spinner slows down and having students model that could be powerful.

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      Christian CarterChristian Carter

      Integrating with Science (Solar System)- Students can create an digram of the Solar System and have the plants spin on an axis

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