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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      How might we integrate this lesson with other subject areas? What kind of changes or additions could you create (please feel free to link resources below)?

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      Belinda HaderlieBelinda Haderlie

      I think this would be a great way to have the students show the rock cycle, water cycle, etc…

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      McKay PerkinsMcKay Perkins

      Project 6 could be a interactive advertisement or brochure for a product or place

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      Christian CarterChristian Carter

      Social Studies lesson: Have the student research different holidays around the world and have them create an Animated card to represent that holiday!

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      Perri PelletierPerri Pelletier

      We agree completely. We just used Animated Card as a general way of portraying information in an interactive format. You could use it for almost any curriculum thread.

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      Emily KowalEmily Kowal

      We think this would be a fun project for students to create Thank You cards for guest speakers, Mothers’ Day cards, etc. To make it more partner/small-group friendly, they could create these cards by using the Pair Programming (Driver/Navigator) model.

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      The animated birthday card idea can be changed for any type of animated simulation. This lesson would be a great way for students to animate wars, Branches of Government etc…

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