#13 Haunted House

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      How might we integrate this lesson with other subject areas? What kind of changes or additions could you create (please feel free to link resources below)?

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      Brenda BassBrenda Bass

      2nd grade teachers in MOC-FV use ScratchJr Lesson 13 Haunted House for different regions such as Savannah and Prairie.

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      Jen Van WykJen Van Wyk

      During this lesson we learned how to use sound to animate a story and drew images to include in the story. I can see this easily being implemented when learning about dialogue of a character or discussing story elements (characters, setting, problem, and solution).

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      Hope BackmanHope Backman

      In this lesson I did a snowy school yard with a polar bear that appeared and scared all of the children. Each child did something different to get away from the polar bear.

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      Ben SchekirkeBen Schekirke

      I created a hide and seek game using these skills.

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      Abigail FeiselAbigail Feisel

      You could use this similar lesson to recreate the ending to a book or retell a story.

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